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El Thunder 20700 Pavel Almazov Limited Edition

El Thunder 20700 Pavel Almazov Limited Edition

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El Thunder 20700 Pavel Almazov Tatoo Master Limited Edition 



  • Colors: White, grey, and red with black engravings.
  • Material - Cerakoated Brass
  • Diameter - 26 mm 
  • Height - 84 mm
  • Hybrid 510 Connection (Make sure the positive pin protrudes past the connector body.)
  • Landing Pad Fits Atomizers 24 mm in Diameter
  • Single 18650 / 20700 Li-ion Battery (Not Included)
  • Collet connection. Self-cleaning, allows the mod to achieve a perfect contact, lowering transfer resistance and increasing performance. Wherever you press, you'll get full power from your battery. 
  • Button/contact. The key part that closes the circuit. Has a consistent throw. Clean the contact surface at least twice a week.

This new collection of El Thunder mods is a collaboration between Viva La Cloud and Pavel Almazov.

Pavel Almazov is a Russian artist from Saint Petersburg. He is well known for his freehand style of tattooing and also designs clothes, interiors, and other products. Pavel has also made several album artworks for famous Russian rappers and metal bands. 

This design was specially made for the collaboration where his artwork beautifully encases the mod with deep engravings and the finest finish.

El Thunder 20700 is made for ergonomic form factor with four notches and fits perfectly in any hand.

Viva La Cloud re-worked the contact system for unbridled performance. This design both reduces the resistance and allows the button to be pressed evenly over its entire area. Compared to the classic version of El Thunder the contact area is increased by over 10.5%.

The button has a permanent contact system to protect the battery from spotting. In the kit two silver plated spacers - 1 for standard atomizers, and 1 for drippers with protruding pins. It also includes an adapter with a spacer for 18650 batteries.