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The newest Flawless mod is made in the USA to exacting standards. You won’t find a more accessible, bespoke mechanical squonker.

The Flawless Tuglyfe Squonk Box Mod ticks all the boxes.

Solid billet aluminum housing, little to no moving parts, and a finish that is just perfect. The Tuglyfe squonker is the Patek Philippe of squonk mods. You don’t own one of these gems. You merely hold onto it until the next generation takes it from you (or you sell it to them).

Flawless Tuglyfe Squonk Box Features Include:

  • Solid billet construction
  • Hidden squonk bottle via battery door
  • Made in the United States to extreme tolerances
  • Durable, weighty and well-proportioned
  • Full mechanical box – nothing to protect you here. You must know what you are doing with battery safety.

Please exercise caution and use only Samsung 25R, Sony VTC 5 or VTC 6, LG HE2, or other 18650 batteries that have a confirmed minimum continuous discharge of 20 amps or more when using this mod. Please take extra caution with sub-ohm builds or tanks. This is an advanced mod for advanced users only. Please be aware that this mod requires extensive knowledge of battery safety and technical know-how to work properly. This product is not for beginners. Use responsibly with caution.

Note: when batteries are fully charged the voltage output exceeds 4V. Do not discharge battery level to less than 3.3V and do not apply a coil that will result in more than a 30A output from installed battery.

Maximum Current rating: 30A

Maximum Power rating: 110W

Coil value must adhere to the above relative Current and/or Power ratings.

Typical relative power /current / coil resistance values. Conditions; battery charge level is at 3.7V and each unit is set to the maximum power output (100%) .

Coil (R)                       Power (W)                 Current (A)

0.13                                   105.3                          28.5

0.15                                   91.3                            24.7

0.20                                   68.5                            18.5

0.25                                   54.8                            14.8 


Warning: Tuglyfe Squonker  does not have current limiting features. Do Not apply a coil that will result in the installed battery outputting more than the installed battery current rating. Loading a LI-Ion battery beyond its maximum current rating can be dangerous.