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Vape stand Τitan V2 XTAR VC4 carbon look

Vape stand Τitan V2 XTAR VC4 carbon look

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Vape Stand Τitan V2 XTAR VC4 carbon look

Vape stand of 42 holes with carbon look for organizing your box mods, tube mods, atomizers, eliquid bottles, batteries and drip tips. It has a slot for the XTAR VC4 OR VC2 battery charger

Dimensions 40 cm x 25 cm x 5 cm height
The holes are the following:

1 x 115×142 dimensions of XTAR VC4 or VC2
5 x 20 mm for batteries 18350,18500,18650
3 x 28 mm for batteries 26650
3 x 42 mm for eliquid bottles,easily can fit the 30 ml bottles or larger
2 x 32 mm for 20ml eliquid bottles
1 x 20 mm for 10ml eliquid bottle
5 x 25 mm for atomizers
12 x 9 mm for drip tips
4 x 45mm x 65 mm for box mods that can easily fit the most popular boxes of the market even the reuleaux 200
3 x 40mm x 60 mm for box mods

It needs assembly,10′ average time
Allen tool included

The battery charger VC4 XTAR or any other equipment is not included.