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Nitecore Flavor Factory

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Nitecore Flavor Factory Liquid Mixer

This machine is designed for vapers. To mix e-liquid for great smog and reduce the proportion of nicotine. As following features:

1 Adjustable heating system - NFF01 can be manually adjusted up to 70° Celsius degrees to heat up liquid when stir

2 Maximum speed of up to 1200R.P.M(Revolutions Per Minute)

3 Magnetic Stirrer - Rotating Magnet field inside NFF01 will motivate magnetic stir bar immersed in liquid in container to spin very quickly

4 Programable stir mode -  Two modes optional for different stirring needs.  (Long-hours continous stirring/pre-set particularly working hours)

5 Anti-leakage design prevents accidental liquid spill

6 Certified by RoHS, CF, FCC and CEC