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Gorgon RDCA by Svoemesto

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SvoëMesto Gorgon RDCA
In true SvoeMesto fashion, the Gorgon RDCA elevates the rebuildable dripper to a whole new level with infinite adjustability and performance. The C in RDCA stands for customisable and the design is such that you can tailor the experience to your exact preferences with a total of 12 fully adjustable points for air flow: 6 from under coils and 6 from above and the kit is supplied with "air stubs" so you can block off the air flow at any point you wish. Run it with dual coils or a single coil. If you don't like the glass viewing window or top-side air flow then there is a drop-kit (available separately) to shorten the overall height and delete the top side air flow options and glass viewing window. Mounting your coil(s) has been simplified with a single screw clamping system on each leg.

Please note that the Gorgon RDCA is 26mm in diameter to suit mods with larger top plates.


Glass viewing window
12 air flow points all fully adjustable
26mm diameter
316 Stainless steel construction