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BO Caps Tobacco Range

BO Caps Tobacco Range

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BO Caps Tobacco Range  (Pack of 3)

BO Caps do not contain any diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl. We only use premium materials in order to obtain an outstanding result for the pleasure of our customers. And as needs change by the season, we regularly develop new ranges of these flavours for an infinite choice.

Flavour Description: 

COLOMBIA CHAPTER 1   -  Black Tea with Pear Extract

COLOMBIA CHAPTER 2   -  Tobacco aged with oak

RY4  - Blond Tobacco Flavor with a little drop of vanilla and caramel

DUNE K -  Blond Tobacco Flavor e-liquid

BRUN FRANCAIS -  Flavor dark tobacco

M15 -  Virginia Tabak 

Gold RX -  Tobacco and a touch of gingerbread e-liquid flavor

USA MIXX - Mix of the best american tobacco