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Efest LUC S2 Universal Charger

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Efest LUC S2 is an advanced smart charger with a large bright blue LCD display screen which displays the charging status clearly when charging the various 3.7V batteries. Designed with two built in independent charging bay channels, which means two batteries can be charged at the same time. Furthermore, the LUC S2 charger out performs the competition and is loaded with tons safety features.

LUC S2 is a high quality device with an advanced battery charging program, what sets this charger apart from the rest is the fact that it will protect your batteries automatically during charging cycles.

Efest LUC S2 LCD Universal Charger Accommodates the following battery sizes: 10440 - 16340 -14500 - 14650 - 17500 - 17670 - 18350 - 18490 - 18500 - 18650 - 18700 - 22650 - 26500 - 26650 Li-Mn or Li-ion batteries.