Zoro RDA by Hcigar
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The HCigar Zoro is an original HCigar designed product, with a number of unique features that create an easy to use, spit-free design that packs a huge flavour punch!


The deck, features a bottom air flow design, bringing the air up from the bottom of the deck, straight up to the coil, and out the top cap. This air flow design has been proven to be one of the best setups for high flavour production.


An air flow control is also present, and by turning the top cap, the user can open and close the cyclops style air flow port to adjust the volume of air required, from either fully closed to fully open.


The outer sleeve/top cap features a very unique design. While many top caps use a concave inner surface to funnel vapor towards a smaller bore drip tip, the HCigar Zoro does the exact opposite with this one-of-a-kind first in this design! Instead, the top cap is designed as a convex shape that funnels down towards the deck. Around the circumference of this "funnel", is a myriad of smaller holes drilled in, and a single small hole drilled in he center of this funnel. This trend setting innovation allows for three unique features:


  1. Anti-spitback design. The multiple air hole design around the outer circumference of the top cap prevents excess liquid on your coils from popping and spitting up into your mouth during inhalation!
  2. Improved liquid efficiency. Any liquid collecting at the holes from potential spitback, would run back down the funnel, and towards the hole at the center of the bottom of the funnel, which would drip back in to your deck to be re-incorporated! Rather than getting all that liquid in to your mouth, and wasted, it returns back into the system so that it has another opportunity to be vaped!
  3. Easy drip design! The integrated chuff style top cap makes it a breeze to just drip straight down the top. Liquid will run down the funnel, and drip straight down in to the center of the deck, allowing for even liquid distribution!


High thermal capacity insulators.


Included ultra wide bore high air flow top cap allows for easy re-dripping and huge vapour production.


Includes optional full copper solid pin for maximum electrical conductivity.

  • Manufacturer: Hcigar

Zoro RDA by Hcigar

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