Prebuilt Coil Pack of 10
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Prebuilt Coil Pack of 10

Clapton Coils  - 0.5ohm 24GA A1, wrapped 32GA

Tiger Coils - 0.36ohm 26GA A1, wrapped 0.2*0.8 Flat

Hive Coils - 0.5ohm 30GA A1, wrapped 30GA

Alien Clapton - 0.45ohm 32GA A1, wrapped 0.3*0.8 Flat

Fused Clapton - 0.45ohm  28GA A1, wrapped 32GA A1

Flat Twisted - 0.36ohm 26GA A1, wrapped 26GA A1

Twisted - 0.60ohm 28GA A1, wrapped 28GA A1


Quad - 0.36ohm 28GA A1, wrapped 0

A10.30ohm 22GA A1, wrapped 0

  • Manufacturer: SXK

Prebuilt Coil Pack of 10

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