Hybrid Burr Wood RSM DNA75
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The RSM DNA75 is cut from a selected block of extremely dense hybridised wood burr with complex & highly figured twisting wood grain patterns. We select the best features from the wood block & then cut it to size on our manual milling machine here at RSM. The faceplate is cut from a sheet of carbon fibre, the button actuators from stainless steel.

There will be a total of 100 available, each mod is unique - there will never be 2 identical! The pictures above are of the actual RSM DNA75 mod you will receive (not generic library pictures).

The bottom of the mod features discreet branding - the RSM Rocketship logo is 3d carved next to the battery connector.

We reverse cut the carbon fibre so as to set the screen almost flush to to the faceplate - the screen recess is only 0.5mm / actuators protude by 0.5mm for an 'almost flush' feel.

The wood body is immersed in high grade (foodsafe) mineral oil for 2 hours, then coated with 3 layers of micro crystalline wax for superb protection & juice / fingerprint resistance.

The mod has the latest DNA75 chipset from evolve - this has been preconfigured with the latest firmware update & can be easily updated & customised using the downloadable escribe software from evolve.

The mod is produced in the UK by RSM, machining is done by hand, they are hand shaped & sanded, then hand finished to a natural satin feel using traditional woodworking techniques & assembled. We have gone with a finish that still allows you to feel the wood grain (rather than laquered gloss)... this a wood product, we like that it feels like wood :)

Dimensions are 82mm high / 27mm wide / 50mm deep (plus or minus 1mm due to variations when cutting the wood).

The RSM DNA75 mod requires a single 18650 LiIon battery (not provided) - we recommend a battery capable of supplying a minimum of 30A due to the high power of this device.


  • Manufacturer: RSM

Hybrid Burr Wood RSM DNA75

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